Council of Elders

The Council of Elders is elected by the congregation to oversee and guide the church’s life, health and mission according to God’s Word and Spirit for His glory through the release of His gifts in His body. 

  • Kyle Sutton, Chair

    It is truly my joy to serve on the council of Elders. As I continue as the current Chair, it is my deepest honor to serve our Lord and you is this wonderful expression of His Kingdom: Centennial Covenant Church.  May we journey together to be a light to those who seek him. 

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  • Robin Hurley, Vice Chair

    I felt led to accept the call to serve as an elder because I believe that Centennial is dedicated to being the hands and feet of Jesus in meeting the needs of our broken world.  I feel led to be a part of this on a daily basis.  I also felt called to join together with the other elders in guiding the church through prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit.  I have been blessed by being privileged to serve as an elder.

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  • Linda Birch

    I moved to Colorado seven years ago and have been a member of Centennial Covenant since my first year here. I believe God led me to join this Christ-following community of believers and I have further felt His leading during my involvement in HIS KIDS, MOPS, Women’s Ministry, and Council of Elders. Currently, as a Lead Pastor Search Team member, I have further development in becoming part of a community of spiritual discernment and look forward to continuing in the CCC journey toward transformational growth in the presence of Christ.

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  • Linda Bruce

    My husband and I have been members of CCC for about 12 years. We have been very thankful to find a church with a balanced emphasis on the personal journey of transformation, in community, resulting the expression of Christ’s love to our broken world. I am honored by the invitation to serve on the Council and excited to contribute to the ongoing direction of the church, especially during our transition to the leadership of our new pastor, Karl Helvig.

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  • Doug Parker

    I believe the local church is foundational to the growth and success of the Christian faith and felt led to accept the call as an elder serving both in a governance and spiritual leadership role at Centennial Covenant. I have been blessed to combine my leadership experience with my understanding of Christian principles in serving as an elder at Centennial Covenant. 

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  • Jeff Warren

    CCC has been a significant part of my adult life for 22+ years.  Council’s purpose is to seek, affirm and move toward God’s will for our church and to the highest degree possible steer our congregation towards him in all we do.  I truly felt a calling for serving in this way when recently invited to be an Elder.  This is a real adventure that invokes a daily need for prayer & action.  What’s next?  Whatever it is, I know we’ll put God first and figure it out together.  It is a blessing to me to be part of this process.

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