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Are You Here?

Exploring Exodus

At some point in every person’s life they ask the question, “Is God really here?” It is a fundamental question with which we need to wrestle.  If there is a loving God who is present with us, that reality impacts the way we live every aspect of life.  If God isn’t present, then it is a waste of time to ponder the idea.  Either way, the answer to this question changes everything.


The main theme in the book of Exodus is


God’s Presence.


     Life can be easy or difficult, our choices can be good or bad, things can go our way or not. Yet regardless of circumstances we can know that God is present.


How different would your life be if every day

you knew that God is present?


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Sep. 8     Birth of Moses                                 Karl Helvig

Sep. 15  Call of Moses                                Karl Helvig

Sep. 22  God vs. Pharaoh                   Rebecka Sutton

Sep. 29  The Passover                                Karl Helvig

Oct. 6    The Exodus                                   Karl Helvig

Oct. 13  Grumbling at God              

Oct. 20  Jethro in the Wilderness           

Oct. 27  Covenant at Mt Sinai pt 1             

Nov. 3   Covenant at Mt Sinai pt 2         

Nov. 10 Covenant at Mt Sinai pt 3

Nov. 17 Stone Tablets

Nov. 24 The Tabernacle       

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