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Make It Count

From July through August, we as a church are asking ourselves, “How do we make it count?”  This can refer to so many different things in life: the days of our summer, time with our family, the money we’re earning, or just about anything.  Whatever “it” is, there is one key way to Make It Count, this summer.  We give it all to building God’s kingdom here on earth like it already is in heaven.  We would love for you to join us an consider how you can Make It Count in your life.


This series will come in two parts.  During July we are studying the book of Nehemiah.  During August we are looking at the book of Colossians.

June 30 Nehemiah Part 1                          Rebecka Sutton

July 7    Nehemiah Part 2                             Karl Helvig

July 14  Nehemiah Part 3                             Karl Helvig

July 21  Nehemiah Part 4                             Karl Helvig

July 28  Nehemiah Part 5                             Karl Helvig

August 4 Colossians Part 1                          Karl Helvig

August 11 Colossians Part 2                      Elise Aguirre

August 18 Colossians Part 3                        Karl Helvig

August 25 Colossians Part 4            Maureen Shannon

September 1 Colossians Part 5                    Karl Helvig

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