Virtual Class Starting June 10


    A mid-week virtual Bible study via Zoom

    Facilitated by Dr. Craig Blomberg on Wednesday evenings

    Eight weeks: June 10 - July 29; 7:00 - 8:15 pm

    Martin Luther dubbed Paul’s letter to the Galatians “The Charter of Christian Liberty.”  Two-thirds of the book involves liberty from legalism.  Is legalism just insisting on following rules we don’t happen to like?  Or is it something more basic and insidious in many people’s lives?  The last third of the book involves liberty from no rules.  But what does that mean?  Join us to study this amazing biblical book with powerfully relevant contemporary applications.

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  • Why Emotions Matter Book Study

    A virtual book study via Zoom

    Facilitated by Stina Hoberecht on Monday evenings

    Eight weeks: Jume 15 - August 3; 7:30 - 9:00 pm

    For some, emotions are overwhelming and all-important. For others, they are bothersome and irrational. No matter where you fall on the emotional spectrum, one thing is for sure: God designed you as an emotional being. Your emotions have purpose, and they’re worth handling with curiosity, respect, and wisdom.

    What might it look like for you to have a healthy relationship with emotions? Could you learn to discern them and use them wisely? Why Emotions Matter explores the idea of becoming emotionally intelligent and emotionally healthy through the unified lens of current research and scriptural teaching.

    Whether you’re a skeptical stoic or an impulsive feeler, pursuing a healthy relationship with your emotions is key to living a passionate and abundant life. After all, it’s ultimately about becoming a little more like the person God created you to be. 

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