Winter Connecting-Hour Classes

 Winter Session: January 27 – March 10, 9 AM


    Facilitated by Kathy and John Pyrc

    As Christian parents and grandparents, we want to nurture the hearts of our children to love the Lord with their whole lives and to love others as themselves. Using Michelle Anthony’s book Spiritual Parenting, we'll learn how we can “move from attempting to control children’s behavior to putting them into environments where they can know God and be changed by Him” (Publisher’s Weekly, April 2010). We’ll discuss how to nurture children spiritually from their early years through their teens since adolescent years are also vitally important times for spiritual and relational development.


    Facilitated by Todd Reisler

    We often discuss elements of faith such as love, perseverance, and trust.  One characteristic of faith that might not get as much attention, while no less important, is courage.  Today, as in the past, courage plays a vital role in the development and expression of our faith.  So where does courage come from?  How do we get it? We’ll explore biblical examples where courage plays a part of the story, gaining encouragement and insight into this powerful dimension of faith.


    Video series guided by Matt & Janet George

    For centuries, people have had questions about the roles of men and women in both the church and home. What is God’s original design for relationships? What did Jesus have to say? Are husbands supposed to be the head of the home and final decision makers? Are spiritual gifts and callings different for men than women? In this unprecedented new video series, thirty internationally renowned scholars offer insights explaining biblical mutuality.