Sunday Connecting-Hour Classes for Adults

Winter: January 19 – March 8

  • IT’S TOO NOISY IN HERE!                                                                        

    Facilitated by Roy Graham at 8:00 and 9:00

    Do you ever feel like life is too noisy?  We live in a noisy world.  Noisy cities, noisy homes, and the noise of worries or expectations can all be deafening.  In this class, we’ll learn how to pause and quiet the noise.  We need this skill every day, everywhere.  With a focus on scripture, our goal is to quiet the noise and listen for God’s voice. 

  • RESURRECTION: LIVING AS PEOPLE OF THE RISEN LORD                                                                        

    A class for women facilitated by Janet George at 9:00

    “The resurrection of Jesus Christ changed everything. The very fabric of creation had been transformed. The power of death had been broken. Life was victorious. How does Christ’s great victory play out in our everyday lives…and the life to come?” That’s the question we’ll consider, using a LifeGuide study booklet by Kristie Berglund.  Janet George will direct co-leadership of this class exploring eight passages of scripture about how Jesus’ resurrection transforms our lives and assures us of life after death. Join us! (study guide $7)

  • JOSEPH: Life Lessons for Adults in their 20s and 30s

    Hosted by Tim and Megan Read and Rachel and Chris Tyrrell at 9:00

    Did you know that most of the dramatic events recorded about the Old Testament character Joseph happened before he was 40? Joseph’s story has much to say about family dynamics, how to respond to unjust treatment, excellence in the workplace, resisting temptation, and trusting in God’s sovereignty.  Singles, couples, and parents of young families are invited to connect with other 20s/30s in this class.  Todd Reisler will facilitate Bible discussions.

  • RELATIONSHIPS: keeping them emotionally and spiritually healthy

    A video-based class facilitated by Matt and Krista Lewis at 9:00

    Health.  We need it physically, we need it spiritually, and we need it mentally (like many of us learned in the Responding to Mental Health Issues class last fall). Our health and our struggles in all these realms reveal themselves in our relationships.  Using the Emotionally Healthy Relationships curriculum, this discussion-based class provides biblical teaching and practical skills for building healthy relationships in our own lives and supporting others in theirs. Note – this class will be offered again in the future specifically for adults in their 20s/30s.