Spring Connecting-Hour Classes

April 8 - May 13

8:00 and 9:00 a.m.

  • 1JOHN

    Facilitated by Alan White at 8:00

    Come join us as we take a deep look into the book of First John. We’ll grow in our understanding of God’s word while having fruitful discussions with one another.   


    Facilitated by Stina Hoberecht at 9:00   

    Human trafficking can best be explained as "mod- ernday slavery.” It happens around the world and right here in Colorado. The people affected by trafficking are God’s children, created in his image. Using the PROTECT curriculum published by the

    Evangelical Covenant Church, we’ll learn about where and how trafficking happens, how we can prevent it, and what we can do to care for victims both close to home and around the world.


    Facilitated by Ron Mol & Jay Smith

    God powerfully used his servant Elijah to expose the fraud of the prophets of Baal, yet Ahab called this OT prophet the "troubler of Israel." As we look at several episodes from the life of Elijah in I and II Kings, we'll learn from this man who God empowered for a unique mission but who sometimes felt he was all alone.