Fall Connecting-Hour Classes

October 7 - December 2

8:00 and 9:00 a.m.


    Facilitated by Ryan & Amber Mitchell

                     and Jay & Tijan Smith at 9 AM (Conf. Room)

    This lively biblically based course has helped thousands of people with the basics of managing their finances: budgeting, saving, teaching children, buying, insurance, retirement, college preparations, real estate, and more. Each session includes energetic talks from Dave Ramsey, followed by group discussion and exercises for individuals/ couples. The cost includes a workbook, personal money-management tools, CDs of sessions, and access to FPU support and other resources.  


    Facilitated at 9 AM by Karl Helvig, Robert Calbeck & Steve Thulson

                     at 8 AM by Steve Thulson & Robin Hurley

                     (both times in Student Center)

    Using high-quality videos from The Center for Faith, Sexuality and

    Gender, this class will explore LGBT+ related questions in order to grow in understanding of God’s Word and especially in how to embody the love of Christ to sexual and gender minorities. We’ll consider biblical teaching on sexuality/marriage and the posture of grace taken by our Covenant denomination and CCC’s Council of Elders. All are welcome! Participants are urged to purchase and read companion books, Grace/ Truth 1.0 and Grace/Truth 2.0 (discounted $10 copies for each available the first Sunday). The short videos will be accessible to view outside of class for anyone attending another Sunday class. 


    Facilitated by John Pyrc at 9 AM (Rm A-1)

    How can we cooperate with the Holy Spirit in His mission to transform us and fill us with God’s presence in all aspects of our everyday lives? What are the principles and practices that help us partner with his good work in us? We’ll explore and discuss: Hearing and Discerning God’s Voice, Abiding Prayer, Praying for Blessing and Healing, Closing the False Divide Between Sacred and Secular, and Missional Living—Doing Ministry with God rather than for God. Please join us!


    Facilitated by Janet George at 9 AM (Rm A-3)

    Dorothy Sayers was a British murder-mystery writer, lay theologian, and colleague of C. S. Lewis, who said she was one of the few writers who “matter much in the long run.” Karl Barth was so impressed he translated her Christian essays into German. Few people have expressed such unique and creative

    insights into topics such as work, suffering, and the Trinity as this talented writer and esteemed Christian thinker. In this class, women of all ages will mentor each other and be mentored by this woman who wrote for those who “want the faith explained with energy, reason, and a twinkle in the eye” (Christianity Today, 2018).