Ministry to Students with Special Needs

We welcome you to our community at Centennial Covenant!  We want all who come here to feel comfortable and included, and we strive accommodate any needs that your student might have in whole or small group settings.   
Sometimes this includes one-on-one peer support, one-on-one adult support, or adapted learning strategies to make lessons and activities accessible.  We recognize the complexity of some situations, and desire to have an inclusive and accommodating environment.
We also have a monthly respite night that provides fun activities for children with special needs (and siblings), and allows caretakers a night off! This is generally the third Friday of each month.   
We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings or for respite nights.  Please contact Laura, our coordinator for this ministry or our children’s pastor for more information, or with questions or requests for accommodation.
We look forward to meeting you! 

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