Abiding Prayer for Parents

Saturday, October 21, 9 - 11 am

As parents, all of us desire healthy, fruitful relationships with our children. Jesus gave us insight into how that’s possible when he said, “He who abides in me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.” But on a practical level, what does that mean? In this three-hour interactive seminar, which includes teaching, discussion, and a prayer exercise, we’ll learn about how gaining confidence in hearing God’s voice can impact parenting.






This Week at Centennial

Hi Centennial friends,

I'm a very thankful man. Thankful, among many other things, for the gift of a three month Sabbatical, July-September. Thankful for a strong pastoral team led by Karl that served you all during that time, and gave me full peace about CCC. And then very thankful that my keys still worked when I came back in Tuesday! I gave our Elders a required "Sabbatical Report."

This Sunday, we begin a new sermon series: This is Our Story. We're asking God to solidify our personal and shared core identity in Christ -- our "faith DNA" -- by looking at our place in THE story of Jesus making all things new. Within God's Word, some attention will be given to what it means that we have a heritage as "Protestants" (a movement that began 500 years ago this month), as well as "Covenant" -- all while embracing our oneness with all who call Jesus "Lord."

Want a big party for a great reason? Sunday, October 29 is our Debt-Free Celebration Dinner at 5:30 pm -- along our annual Impact Market opening at 5 pm. For this one Fall, we'll set aside our traditional Chili Supper and enjoy a free catered meal from Olive Garden (thanks to the generosity of a few members), and then praise God as we "burn the mortgage" and continue to "fan the flame" of Christ's move among us. Today and next Sunday, you can pick up “tickets” in the Welcome Center from our Global Team. Consider making a donation for tickets ($5/person, $15/family) to support ministry with Congolese refugee children in Kenya. You can also RSVP either HERE, through church office, or on the Sunday Connect Card.



Pastor Steve Thulson