Christmas Eve Candlelight Service




This Week at Centennial

Hi Centennial friends,

If you were born in 2017, there's a high chance your name is Sophia, Olivia or Emma (if a girl), and Jackson, Liam or Noah (if a boy) -- this year's top baby names. The top 100 included our dog's name, "Bentley," but not mine, "Stephen." I guess I'm no longer cool!

In Israel's Judea 2,017+ years ago, one popular baby name was "Yeshua". In English, "Jesus." But one newborn got that name for deeper and bigger reasons than it sounding good or family tradition. As we'll consider this Sunday, That Baby's Name is a window on God starting a revolution of liberation for the cosmos and this world, for everyone and anyone, and for you and me. 

Also, at both 9 and 10:30 am Worship Gatherings, we'll get help in celebrating from our children -- both little and not so little -- through songs, readings and drama. These will be great times together! Hope you can join us! 



 Pastor Steve Thulson