A celebration of visual creativity and artists at CCC

  • Gallery of CCC artists
  • Live demonstrations
  • Creative activities for kids
  • Live music from CCC String Quartet
  • Food! (baked potato bar and deserts)

To submit art for display contact David Dillon


The Alpha Course at Centennial

The Alpha Course is a practical introduction to Christianity. It’s great for anyone who’s exploring Christianity or who wants a refresher on the basics of the faith in a comfortable environment. Each week participants enjoy a nice meal, listen to a talk, and then discuss what they’ve heard in small groups. No prior knowledge of the Bible is needed and questions are welcomed. 


Introductory Dinner: Wednesday, February 28, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Course: Wednesdays, March 7 - April 25; 6:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Come check out Alpha by attending the introductory dinner. A delicious dinner will be followed by a creative program, including a hilarious “Mr. Bean” video, personal faith-stories, and a brief talk—all on the topic Is There More to Life than This?  It'll be a fun evening, with absolutely no pressure to sign up for the course.


For more information, click  HERE!



This Week at Centennial

Hi Centennial friends, 


Why is it that those closest to us are the ones most willing to take advantage of us? And how do we get God's perspective on handling the changes that come from others Taking Advantage of us?   


Those are some questions Rebecka Sutton will be raising this Sunday as we continue our look at Change. Here's a preview from her:  

Family relationships are often the hardest to handle. In our attempt to help a family member out, we can find ourselves paying the price for our kindness. In Genesis 13, Abraham's nephew, Lot, takes advantage of his uncle's generosity. He selfishly chooses the better land, unconcerned about how this change will affect his uncle. Abraham must now move forward separated from his nephew, not knowing what changes lie ahead. When we read Genesis 13, we see a very human story, a story about conflict, kindness, selfishness, separation.  


If you missed the first two sermons from Karl and me in this Change series, you can watch or listen HERE. Last week was a hard but important look at the ways fears can drive us into manipulative and even abusive behavior in our relationships, and how God leads us to face what's broken in our lives to bring healing. It included a moving personal story of redemption from Stefany Bergstrom. If you were not with us, I highly encourage you to take it in. 



Pastor Steve Thulson


Prayer and Care April 22- 28, 2018