To belong to God as his adopted children is to be “in his mission to our broken world.” That’s how Centennial Covenant describes one crucial dimension of its purpose. That’s why any of us are made new by Christ.

We see this in the whole biblical narrative of God redeeming this world he made so good, but we humans broke so badly. Israel’s patriarch, Abraham, is promised that his descendants will be blessed – blessed to BE his blessing to the nations (Genesis 12:1-3). 

So it is with all who follow Jesus.  We’re his “sent ones.” We’re allowed a place in “the mystery of God’s will according to his good pleasure… to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ” (Ephesians 1:9-10).

But all that can feel more like a burdensome obligation than a privileged blessing. How do we let God take us into the flow of his transforming love for his glory, the world’s good, and our own joy?

Please consider and pray through the possibilities outlined below:

…to get EXPOSED, 


…and then to ENGAGE

in God’s mission to our broken world. Contact one of our Pastors and/or one of our Mission Team leaders if you want a companion as you seek your next steps. 

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What are some ways to learn about God’s mission in our community and around the world?

STUDY: Prayerfully ponder Scriptures describing God’s mission, such as: 

Gen. 12:1-3; Isaiah 61:1-4; Matt. 28:18-20; John 17:15-18; Acts 1:8; 2 Cor. 5:16-20.

FOCUSED LIVING Workshops: participate in this opportunity to “awaken” and “activate” your unique callings from God to serve him in everything, everyday, everywhere. 

MISSIONS 101 Seminar: participate in this learning event being developed to introduce cross-cultural ministry.

PERSPECTIVES Course: participate in this 15 session in-depth course on God’s biblical, historical and current mission.

MISSION PARTNERS: get acquainted with metro and global ministries supported by CCC (see below on this page)


What are some ways to keep learning and begin serving through short-term events and efforts?

HELP: volunteer for one-time events and projects with a CCC ministry or Mission Partner –e.g.: 

E.g. MOPS, Alpha Course, Love INC, North Littleton Promise, Youth for Christ

VISIT TEAM: attend a Metro and/or Global Team monthly meeting as they serve to guide and equip CCC’s ministries, and connect with our Mission Partners. Team leaders are Ron Mol (Metro) and Matt Long (Global). 

MISSION TRIP: join a Team for a few days or weeks in a cross-cultural ministry effort, including upcoming opportunities:

Juarez – July 2020

Local opportunities TBA

ENCOURAGE A MISSION PARTNER: email a note of thanks and prayer; send a financial gift.


What are some ways to commit more fully to ongoing participation in God’s mission?

SERVE: volunteer for ongoing ministry with a CCC ministry or Partner –

E.g. MOPS, Alpha Course, Love INC, North Littleton Promise, Youth for Christ

Note many other occasional and seasonal opportunities announced

JOIN TEAM: serve with Metro or Global Team as they guide and equip CCC’s ministries, and connect with our Mission Partners. Team leaders are Ron Mol (Metro) and Matt Long (Global). 

MISSIONAL VOCATON: commit yourself to a lifestyle of pursuing God’s mission “everyday, everywhere” which might be a calling into ongoing cross-cultural serving with your gifts (several months, a few years, or long term).

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: share a regular proportion of your income for God’s mission through CCC, as well as direct support for mission partners.  

Global Mission Team

The Global Missions Team keeps us aware of and engaged with the world beyond our backyard! Along with as our parent denominational family, the Evangelical Covenant Church and other ministry partners such as Imago Christi, our global mission extends around the world.  Serving on several continents, our church community supported missions and missionaries are bringing the good news to the unreached, growing disciples and church communities, teaching and training pastors, developing agriculture, small businesses, fresh water supplies, and meeting needs of the poor and abandoned.  Following are some of the missions and missionaries that Centennial Covenant Church is proud to support and serve with.

We are richly blessed and deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve with and support these missions in fulfillment of God’s call to make disciples of all nations.  And this is only a portion of the ministries in which members of our congregation are serving.  To learn more about the global ministries we serve and support or to get involved, please email Matt Long, Chair of the Global Team.

  • Kenya Partnerships

    Since 2003, over 200 of our members have taken mission trips to Kenya in east Africa, serving at Shangilia Children's Home, and engaging in various ministries with growing Kenya Evangelical Covenant churches there, especially in pastoral training and community development. Deep bonds have formed with many Kenyan friends.

  • Missions Ministries, Juarez, Mexico

    Missions Ministries builds houses, provides medical services, and provides educational support as well as food and clothing to the poor in Juarez, Mexico, a community in deep need of God’s love and mercy. Annually, members of our congregation team with other congregations and travel to Juarez for a long weekend of home building, meeting medical needs, serving the community, and sharing God’s love for His children. More on Missions Ministries

  • Jon and Lynda Hardin, Frontiers USA

    Jon and Lunda serve with the Frontiers ministry, which is an international mission focused on reaching Muslim people groups around the world. Jon speaks and teaches about the needs of the Muslim world and how to effectively reach the people of Islam at local churches, conferences, and training events throughout the world.

  • Linda Ellis, Benin

    Linda is working with the deaf and hard of hearing community in small villages in Benin, Africa. These people are largely abandoned in their culture, and Linda (D/HH herself), mirrors God's love to these people while training them to use Braille so that they can communicate and integrate into their communities.

  • Peter and Ruth Dutton, Thailand

    Peter and Ruth have been serving through Covenant World Missions in Thailand for more than 25 years, assisting in community development through small business and agricultural education and training.  Currently the Duttons are regional missions coordinators for Asia, training and mentoring missionaries working in southeast Asia. More on the Duttons

  • Jim and Hydi Peterson, Japan

    Jim and Hydi are serving in Japan through the Covenant World Mission. The Petersons live and serve at the Akagi Bible Camp in camp ministries as well as training pastors, church workers, and other missionaries.  Jim also teaches homiletics (preaching) and church history at the Covenant Seminary in Tokyo.  The Petersons have been serving in Japan for more than 20 years. More on the Petersons

  • Gary and Mary Lou Sander, Colombia

    Gary and Mary Lou are serving with the Colombia Covenant Church through the Covenant World Mission. Gary and Mary Lou are training pastors, assisting with leadership development and spiritual formation. More on the Sanders

  • Mark and Beth Bradley, Singapore

    Mark and Beth serve at the OMF International Center in Singapore. Mark is the International Coordinator for Mobilization teaching, training, and mentoring short-term and full-time missionaries who serve throughout southeast Asia. Beth is managing the guest house at the Center.  The Bradleys have been serving the Lord in southeast Asia for more than 30 years. More on the Bradleys

  • Roy Graham, Bill & Priscilla O'Bryne, John & Kathy Pryc Imago Christi

    Roy, John and Kathy are Centennial members whose ministries with Imago Christi guide Christ-followers, locally and around the world in spiritual formation for life in God's presence. This is a vital arm of the mission agency, Church Resource Ministries (CRM).

  • Braxton Beemer

    Braxton, who attends CCC with his wife Kiah, serves with CRI as a project manager in ministries of Bible literacy, discipleship and education, especially in Mozambique. CRI's mission is "to take the light of Christ to the poor of our time."