New Classes begin November 7 at 9 AM

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    Facilitated by Fran Blomberg and Marcie Cantrell

    As believers, we are the hands and feet of Christ.  As such, we want to authentically demonstrate God’s love, mercy, and justice in a world that desperately needs it. This Bible study will help us understand God’s heart for justice and his plan for diversity while empowering us to function as everyday peacemakers, ambassadors of reconciliation, and co-laborers with Christ in a divided and hostile world. 


    A video-based class for parents facilitated by Anne & Jon Thurmond

    Home should be a place where the very best of life happens. Technology can help or hinder attaining that goal. TechWise Family explores what commitments and disciplines can help families – parents and kids alike – love and use all kinds of technology without letting screens take over.  TechWise Family is perfect for parents of children from mid-elementary school through high school. It focuses on understanding the meaning of family, creating better daily rhythms, distinguishing rest and leisure, navigating online risks, and embracing personal presence. 

  • REASONS FOR FAITH (continuing from Sep/Oct; newcomers welcome!)

    Facilitated by Robert Calbeck in Room C5 (Conference Room by Church Office)

    Ever doubt God's existence? Is the Bible really true? Ever struggle to respond to a colleague who challenges your faith? All of us have questions, and this class will provide some answers. Robert taught Reasons for Faith several years ago, and it’s back by popular demand! Topics include cosmology (the science of the origin/development of the universe) and the Big Bang Theory, biology and evolution, and archeology and the historicity of the Bible. Learn how universally accepted scientific facts point unequivocally to God's existence and the truth of Christ. Robert encourages dialogue and hard questions and provides opportunities to discuss your own specific questions and doubts. Consider bringing a non-believing friend who’s seeking answers about God.