Hey Centennial,

When have you received or experienced a profound expression of gratitude? 

Maybe it was someone expressing their thanks to you, maybe you got to observe while someone gave genuine thanks to another person. Either way, most of us know intuitively that 

Gratitude is powerful. 

It turns out, there is also a lot of good scientific research on gratitude. And the research suggests that the way many people practice gratitude is not nearly as formative as it could be. This is worth paying attention to, because scripture talks a lot about the importance, even the mandate, of giving thanks. We are to give thanks to God, that thanksgiving should overflow to one another. In fact, Paul tells the church in Thessalonica they should 

Give thanks in all circumstances. 

He even says that this sort of thanksgiving is God’s will. As we each prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday next week, our worship gathering this Sunday will be entirely dedicated to learning about, hearing about, and practicing gratitude together. 

Gratitude is powerful. I am excited for us to embrace a “Gratitude Always” approach to life. 

Eager to worship with you Sunday. This would be a great weekend to invite a friend or family member to “Come sit with me” at worship. It will be a powerful and meaningful gathering for anybody, whether they have ever been to a church gathering before or not. 


Grace and peace, 

Karl Helvig
Lead Pastor


P.S.: Did you know that CCC has a Prayer Team? This group of about 10 people pray together every week for needs in our church body, our country, and around the world. I wanted to let you know that, starting this Sunday and on the third Sunday of each month going forward, several members of our Prayer Team will be available at the end of the worship gathering to pray with anyone who’d like prayer. Look for them at the front, right corner of the Worship Center. You can pray with them there or in one of the nearby classrooms.

P.P.S.: Due to Thanksgiving, the CCC offices will be closed Thursday and Friday November 23-24.