Ever wondered where your dollars go when you support the General Fund of Centennial Covenant Church? Check back here each week for a glimpse of the many ways your financial contributions support ministries of outreach, connection, and transformation in and through CCC.

Maintaining our Mission Base

Over twenty years ago, CCC was blessed to purchase our current property here at 401 W. Mineral Ave. We say blessed because, after years of a slow back and forth with our realtor, we were able to purchase this land for significantly under its market value. God provided in a BIG way. After two phases of construction, a few major renovations, and countless hours of care and upkeep, this is our long-established mission base. CCC not only runs its core ministries out of this building, we also host numerous other ministries like Audience of One Youth Theatre, Community Bible Study, Alcoholics Anonymous, and various other groups and events. Donate to the CCC General Fund today and help maintain our mission base so we can continue providing excellent space for transformational ministries.

A big THANK YOU to the 25+ people and families who gave to Close the Gap! The total was over $45,000 by the end of the fiscal year.

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