Ever wondered where your dollars go when you support the General Fund of Centennial Covenant Church? Check back here each week for a glimpse of the many ways your financial contributions support ministries of outreach, connection, and transformation in and through CCC.

Helping Young Adults Launch Productive Careers

Do you know any young adults in your life who have struggled with a “Failure to launch?” They have finished high school, maybe even finished college, but still struggle to know what direction to follow in life. If you have walked with someone in a season like this, you know how complex and painful it can be. A percentage of every dollar donated to Centennial Covenant Church goes to support our ministry partner, The Masters Apprentice. TMA brings young adults through an 8-week course that prepares them for a career in the trades. And, they have a 100% job placement rate! This powerful ministry helps provide both the skills necessary and the clarity of purpose to help young adults not only launch but launch into a lifelong career of purpose and possibility. Donate to the CCC general fund today and support the development and thriving of young adults in our community.

A big THANK YOU to the 25+ people and families who gave to Close the Gap! The total was over $45,000 by the end of the fiscal year.

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