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In John 10:10, Jesus declares his purpose for coming to earth. “I have come that they” (he is talking about you!) “may have life, and have it to the full.” Other translations use the word, “abundantly.” What does it mean to have life to all its fullness? In our world full of shiny entertainments and relentless distractions how can we pause long enough to even answer such a question?  Over the centuries, Christians have answered these questions with a practice. A life craft. They have written for themselves a Rule of Life.

Here is my invitation: 

Would you join this journey? 

Would you craft a Rule of Life? 

If you will, our free journal can be your guide.  It’s our gift to you! This booklet is part journal and part instruction manual.  More than anything, it is an offering of hope – hope that your life might be joyfully conformed in every area to God’s kingdom and desires. It might be full.

Grace and Peace,

Karl Helvig, Centennial Covenant Church