Words of Hope

Words of Hope is a media ministry based in Grand Rapids, MI. Their work spans four continents and 50 languages. Words of Hope partners with emerging Christian leaders, pastors, teachers and prayer warriors around the world, bringing clear bible teaching to the least reached areas of our world.
Today, in addition to its primary medium of radio, Words of Hope shares the good news of Christ through television, podcasts, recordings on MP3 players, smartphone apps, and more.
Contributions from Centennial Covenant Church are designated specifically for WOH’s ministry in the Middle East.

Kenya Partnerships

Since 2003, over 200 of our members have taken mission trips to Kenya in east Africa, serving at Shangilia Children’s Home, and engaging in various ministries with growing Evangelical Covenant Church of Kenya churches there, especially in pastoral training and community development. Under the capable leadership of Pastor Peter Chosen, new churches are planted annually in unreached areas of Kenya and the work is expanding into Rwanda.

Missions Ministries, Juarez, Mexico

Missions Ministries is a Denver-based ministry which builds houses, provides medical services, and provides educational support as well as food and clothing to the poor in Juarez, Mexico Many members of our congregation team with other congregations and travel to Juarez for a long weekend of home building, meeting medical needs, serving the community, and sharing God’s love for His children.
More on Missions Ministries here.