Hello Centennial!  I thought I would write about why we partner with our ministry partners. It’s true we are the hands and feet of Jesus in the work we are doing, but is it really because we are just “into” doing snacks and meals and coaching soccer and mentoring students that we do this? Well maybe, for some of us it is. But why does God want us to do this?

In listening again to Jon Hardin’s message from 1/14, the whole connection is to deliver on the Great Commission: to spread his message of grace given redemption to all the world. So let me tell you how making snacks and meals for people (kids, teenagers and adults) and coaching soccer and math and financial literacy skills make this happen:

It’s all about opportunity: those little kids and teenagers you feed at North Littleton Promise are coming to hear Bible stories and how they can become believers – and the volunteers you feed are there also to teach the Bible stories. While you can become a believer on an empty after school stomach, it could be argued that on a full stomach is easier.

What about soccer and math coaching? What do these have to do with the Great Commission? Opportunity once again, for empty minds to be filled with examples of faith that are shared by the mentors with the students. Examples the students may not hear anywhere else.

As Jon said, God placed Jonah in the middle of the need, but he was asleep; are we standing in Jonah’s sandals in the middle of all these people living in spiritual darkness trying to figure how they can “work” their way into heaven?

Are we in a posture of obedience to say yes even before we know the details? Are we listening to hear God tell us about our part in his mission? And finally, are we aligned to God’s mission for bringing those around us out of spiritual darkness?

As you open your door to your kitchen or car door on your way to volunteer, put on your helmet of salvation, sword of the Spirit and strap on your walking shoes (sandals) because God has entrusted us with a big part in reaching his unreached world.

Thanks! Here’s some opportunities to work in God’s mission to His world.




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We have TWO Ministry Partners in need of food for their ministries:


North Littleton Promise has needs for elementary kids after school snacks and high school meals every week till May 16. Most of the dates start the week of January 29th. Can you help? Further details can be found on these sign up sheets.





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Love INC has begun their winter session of Impact classes and needs meals for adults and kids. These are meals for 90 people per week and more details can be found on the link. Can you and your life group or group of friends help?



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North Littleton Promise is giving tours of their Big, New, Beautiful space! Wanna see it? Join a tour!

And while you are there, give some thought to volunteering as an after school leader or soccer coach for the upcoming season! They are still in need of more volunteers as their program expands to grow into their new facility.

ADULT Kids Club Volunteers: 2 on Tuesdays, 2 on Thursdays

Commitment: January–May, Tuesday or Thursday afternoons from 3:45–6:15.

Description: Assists with Kids Club program by guiding a small group of children through activities. Volunteers should have a desire to mentor students in education, faith and leadership.


HIGH SCHOOL Kids Club Volunteers: 2 on Thursdays

The greatest need is on Thursdays, but teens are welcome on either Kids Club day.  Commitment: January–May, Thursday afternoons from 3:45–6:15.

Description: Assists with Kids Club program by guiding a small group of children through activities. Volunteers should have a desire to mentor students in education, faith and leadership.


ADULT LIFE (Middle School) Volunteer: 1 on Tuesdays

Commitment: January–May, Tuesday or Thursday afternoons from 3:45–6:15.

Description: Supervise a room where students can hang out, eat snacks and do homework while moms are in Bible Study. Volunteers should have a desire to mentor students.


ADULT Soccer Coaches: 4

2 for Boys team 4–5 year olds, 2 for Boys team 9–10 year olds.

Commitment: March–May. Practice on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5–6pm. 8 Games on Saturdays. End of Season party. Volunteers should have a desire to mentor students in soccer skills, character development and faith.



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Love INC has a variety of volunteer needs right now, but most urgent is Childcare for their Thursday evening Impact classes, so the moms and dads can concentrate on their classes. Interested? Fill out this form and you will get a call back.


For a listing of all their volunteer needs, click here to visit their volunteer page.


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Parent Life sent out this cool graphic that shows the impact of their work as part of Denver Area Youth for Christ. Wow!



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Adam Wilson PhD speaking on Parenting the Strong-Willed Child



Regular meeting



Mom’s Night Out!

Old Blinking Light in Highlands Ranch

9344 Dorchester Street

6:30 pm



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30 students began Session 1 of 2024!  They will graduate in mid February and hope to have electrician, plumbing, welding and HVAC apprentice jobs the following Monday! Right now we have an upcoming (March) need for 2 Career Prep Coaches to coach on researching jobs, writing resumes, and interviewing skills.  Interested? Click here, or talk to Pete Gammie, Robin Hurley, Amy Hughes or Ron Mol.

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What is Flourish?

Flourish Metro Ministries is the CentCov Team of volunteers who work with our local partner ministries, including:

North Littleton Promise  •  Love INC  •  Parent Life (Teen Moms and Dads via YFC)  •  The Master’s Apprentice Program  •  MOPS  •  Housing Assistance Ministry

Our goal is to help those in our local area flourish by serving them as the hands and feet of Jesus.

If you would like to know more about Flourish, our ministries or how to join the team, please contact Flourish@centcov.org