New Spring IMPACT Classes begin April 22!

IMPACT's Spring 2021 Trimester begins April 22 from 6:30-8:15pm online using a virtual campus! 

Here is more information about each course:

Affirming Potential:

Are you ready to start living the life you’ve stopped dreaming about? This life changing class evaluates the physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual areas of your life; building on the foundation that God has created us with intrinsic worth and unique potential. It’s personal and specific for each participant as you use the AP Dream Tool to set and achieve goals and steps to live out your God-given potential.

Faith and Finances:

Do you know God’s purpose for your money? Come discover it with us! This course is designed for people who: are just starting out how to manage money, don’t have a lot of extra money to spare, desire to overcome financial obstacles, and want to save more and pay off debt. Along the way we’ll laugh, make connections and learn from one another!

How We Love:

Is your relationship stuck, repeating the same old patterns? Our early life experiences, for better or worse, teach us how to love. Despite stumbling through the same troublesome motions over and over, people usually have no idea that there’s another way – a better way. Attachment theory experts Milan & Kay Yerkovich have created the tools you need to take your relationships to the next level… starting right now.

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP):

Do you need sensible and practical ideas that will help you raise a confident and responsible child? The STEP parenting program is an effective training curriculum that focuses on topics important to parents today. This course provides valuable tools which improve communication among family members and lessens conflict. Easy to understand and apply, STEP presents effective skills that can be used immediately.

Who do I contact if I have more questions? 
Reach out to the Love INC team at

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CCC is recruiting a second Refugee Care Team in partnership with the Denver Rescue Mission & Lutheran Family Services. This team will walk alongside a newly arrived refugee family for six months as they work on four key areas: Financial Literacy, Employment, Practical Life Skills, and learning English. The team’s main job, though, is to provide friendship to these new community members—having American friends is key to refugees’ integration in their new home. Individuals, couples, and families with kids are all welcome! Click here for more info.


What are some ways to keep learning and begin serving through short-term events and efforts?

HELP: volunteer for one-time events and projects with a CCC ministry or Mission Partner –e.g.: 

E.g. MOPSAlpha CourseLove INCNorth Littleton Promise, Youth for Christ

VISIT TEAM: attend a Metro and/or Global Team monthly meeting as they serve to guide and equip CCC’s ministries, and connect with our Mission Partners. For more information click Flourish

MISSION TRIP: join a Team for a few days or weeks in a cross-cultural ministry effort, including upcoming opportunities:

Local opportunities TBA

ENCOURAGE A MISSION PARTNER: email a note of thanks and prayer; send a financial gift.


What are some ways to commit more fully to ongoing participation in God’s mission?

SERVE: volunteer for ongoing ministry with a CCC ministry or Partner –

E.g. MOPSAlpha CourseLove INCNorth Littleton Promise, Youth for Christ

Note many other occasional and seasonal opportunities announced

JOIN TEAM: serve with Flourish Team as they guide and equip CCC’s ministries, and connect with our Mission Partners. For more information click Flourish.

MISSIONAL VOCATON: commit yourself to a lifestyle of pursuing God’s mission “everyday, everywhere” which might be a calling into ongoing cross-cultural serving with your gifts (several months, a few years, or long term).

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: share a regular proportion of your income for God’s mission through CCC, as well as direct support for mission partners.