Welcome to the Blog of Centennial Covenant Church! If you are reading this, you have successfully found the beginning. Someday, millions of people will look back nostalgically remembering “the good old days” and they will say to themselves, “Ahhhh, this is where it all began.” *smile* *self-deprecating chuckle* 




In the beginning, we asked ourselves, “Why are we launching a blog?” 


You might be wondering the same thing. Here are our answers. It turns out, “the beginning” is just a short list of thoughts and ideas that led a group of people around CCC (members of the congregation, people on staff, others in our orbit) to say this is the right thing to do. Here they are. There are four of them. 

  1. This is a community specific project. We write for the people of CCC. We certainly hope those outside our little South Denver gathering will find great value, but everything written has a specific group in mind. Much online content is designed to reach as wide a demographic as possible. If you are part of CCC, we write to you and for you. If you are not part of CCC, we’re glad you found this blog! We hope it is meaningful to you, and we hope you consider coming to see what our little gathering of Jesus followers is all about. 
  2. There is a desire to go deeper. We often hear, “I’d love to learn more about that.” After we explore a prayer practice during Sunday worship, following one of our Growth Challenges, in follow up to the ideas in a sermon series, in many different contexts people have an interest in learning more and going deeper. We write this blog so that together we can go deeper. We will certainly explore new ideas on the topics of faith, prayer, scripture, spiritual practice, vulnerable worship, authentic relationship, and other things important to us. But much of this will be a continuation of the conversations we have begun in our weekly worship gatherings, life groups, classes and other shared spaces. 
  3. We have amazing writers. Centennial is filled with authors, scholars, pastors, educators, and all sorts of brilliant people with much of value to share. We only have so much space during our weekly worship gatherings. Our many classes and small groups only reach small sections of the congregation. This is a place where the vast resources of CCC can be shared more broadly. Do you have something to contribute, reach out and let us know! 
  4. We desire connection. To be clear, face to face and life on life connection is what matters most. At the same time, tools like websites and blogs allow the reinforcement of shared language and the continuation of community conversations. So, this blog is one small thing we can create to encourage the really big thing we are doing, sharing a journey of transformation with one another. 

There you have it, those are four reasons that stand on the starting line of this little ministry project. We hope you will find resource here that is strengthening. We hope you will read content so meaningful that you talk about it with a friend over a cup of coffee. Regardless, you have now seen the beginning, I hope it proves to be a long a fruitful journey for us all. 

Pastor Karl